A wish come true for Plymouth Jenny Wren Gill Chapman yesterday at Devonport Naval Base

A Petty Officer formerly in the Women's Royal Naval Service (Wrens) spent Tuesday at Devonport Naval Base checking an odd item off her bucket list - riding in an Stobart Energy lorry.

"I wanted to go up top and see what it looks like inside," said Gill Chapman.

"I always wanted to go in a lorry."

Gill Chapman was diagnosed with cancer twice.

Ms Chapman was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, but after six rounds of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, she was given the all clear in 2016.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of 2018, she started getting terrible pain in her knee.

Last June, scans revealed that her cancer had returned.

To show Ms Chapman their support, the Wrens came together to pull off a ride in the Stobart Energy cab, aptly named Jenny Wren.

The Jenny Wren cab is assigned to Afghanistan veteran Chris Hurst for the next three years - complete with his own wheel trims and homely touches inside.

Ms Chapman says she still has plenty of fight left in her and plans to continue the progress on her bucket list.