Bravo 22 LIVE - Stand Up Comedy Workshop

Bravo 22 LIVE: What's on next week

Another incredible week of creativity, and thank you all for your enthusiastic feedback to date for all the sessions!

On Tuesday, the wonderful Lily Phillips and equally wonderful Luke Delahunty shared some very useful top tips on writing your own comedy material. Thank you to both of them for an educational, and highly entertaining half hour!

Thursday's session encouraged us to get arty again, with the hugely talented Al Johnson and professional presenter in the making - Sallyanne - attracting our biggest live viewing audience to date on our YouTube channel.

Finally, a massive thank you and congratulations to everyone who joined Wednesday's interactive workshop, led by Paul F Taylor and Lily Phillips and expertly supported by Matt Wightman and Luke Delahunty. In the space of one hour, the group devised, rehearsed and performed their own comedy gig. Another extraordinary group effort!

Interactive Workshop - Sign up!

Sign up now for a captivating Puppetry workshop on 13th May at 11am, led by the very talented Adam Courting.

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